Arts and Architecture

Art museums, historic homes, art events, and Red Oak II. You don’t need to look any farther to appreciate art and culture. Something of an anomaly, Carthage is home to many other local businesses that feature art gallery walls or sell handmade crafts by locals and more.

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Art Museums

Visit artCentral located in the historic Hyde House on the hill! Established in 1985, artCentral is Carthage’s unique and thriving hometown, nonprofit arts center with a mission to promote, exhibit, teach, and foster the appreciation of fine arts in greater Carthage. artCentral enthusiastically serves art and artists through artCamps. They encourage kids to explore and grow their talents. artCentral also opens artist receptions and rotating gallery exhibitions that are accessible to the public. They host satellite galleries where art is shared in public venues and participate in community outreach like the colorfully painted fire hydrants decorating the Maple Leaf parade route. 


Just across the street from the historic courthouse, visit Cherry’s Fine Art Gallery on the Square! Many local artists, traditional and new mediums of art, and a grand experience. Also, stop by various coffee shops and restaurants to see local rotating artist’s work!


Historic Homes

From the Sweet House, the oldest house in Carthage, to Historic Phelps home, the Leggett Twins, the 1877 Italianate, to so many more along Grand, Main, Maple, and beyond, you’ll want to have a driver to soak up every block of Carthage.

 Full of Carthage marble, the historic homes litter the Carthage Historical district. Take a driving tour, look for a walkthrough tour, or watch for events in the historic homes.

Art Events

Carthage features many unique antique stores for hands-on history, local art (new and old), coffee, and restaurants for an all-day adventure! The Maple Leaf Festival and Marian Days add to the unique experience Carthage has to offer. Artists from across the country and the world travel to town to celebrate and show their works.