A Brief Overview

Why should you visit Carthage, Missouri? The people, food, coffee, and adventure are enough to keep you there for at least 36 hours, but why stop there? Move here! Become part of the downtown business community and start a business here! We’d love to have you.

The Civil War

Carthage is home to one of the first major conflicts of the Civil War in 1861. You can visit the battle site, ride down Civil War road, stop by the Battle of Carthage Civil War Museum, or see the markers around town!

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Victorian Era

After the Battle of Carthage, Guerilla soldiers burned the town to the ground. Carthage was rebuilt in the victorian era and is home to many beautiful buildings from the iconic courthouse, to houses that abide in the Historic Downtown District.

Route 66

Carthage boomed when Route 66 was established linking Chicago to L.A. as the first all-weather highway. There are still legendary spots like the Boots Motel, 66 Drive-In Theatre, and many excellent restaurants just off the route!

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The well kept Carthage community secret harboring incredible artists is out! Carthage is home to many creatives. Through the years the Maple Leaf festival, art walks, and art museums have drawn in both classical and contemporary artists, or drawn the artist out of locals. There is no shortage of expression in Carthage, Missouri!

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